Upcoming : 

May 24 : The monument is listening.
Release on Joyfully Waiting
June 24 : Residency.
Chateau de la Haute Borde - France.
June 24 : Sound Installation with Emilie Ding.
Abatialle de Bellelay - Bellelay - Switzerland.

2023 :

. The monument is listening. 
With Emilie Ding for KorSonor Festival
Geneva, Switzerland.

. Rooms For Doubts.
Arsenic Centre d’art scénique contemporain Lausanne, Switzerland.

. River Lenox & Maia Kennon (band).
Invited by Pablo Alter & EnnieDoc  
Main d’oeuvre - Paris, France.

. River Lenox & Maia Kennon (band).
Invited by Dead Finks  
Loge - Berlin, Germany.

. 8689.
Cashmere Radio - Berlin, Germany.

. 8689.
90mil - Berlin, Germany.

2022 :

. Whispers for T. 
Invited by Tristan Amor Rabit
Visarte - Zürich, Switerland

. Music For Dick.
Invited by Adrien Misika for Berlin Art Week 
Berlin, Germany

. Switcher.
Project Space Festival / Plus DEDE
Berlin, Germany

. Printing my problems away.
Colorama Club House - Berlin, Germany
. Theodora or the progress.
Cabaret Voltaire - Zürich, Switerland

. A Side / B Side.
Baerenzwinger - Berlin, Germany

2021 :

. Theodora or the progress.
Swiss Performance Art Award
St Gallen, Switzerland.

. Theodora or the progress.
Arsenic Centre d’art scénique contemporain Lausanne, Switzerland.

Basel, Switzerland.

2020 :

. Requiem for Tegel. 
HVW8 - Berlin, Germany.
. Movements for a painter’s wrist.
Hosting - Berlin, Germany.

2019 :

. When we open every windows.
curated by GeoVanna Gonzalez, Gr_und, Berlin, Germany.

. Groups.
curated by Jule Hillgaertner et Nele Kaczmarek, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany.

. Cloak of Mercy.
curated by Christina Gigliotti, Horse & Pony, Berlin, Germany.

2018 :

. Vedo Non Vedo.
curated by Elise Lammer et Martina-Sophie Wildberger, Istituto Svizzero, Rome, Italy.

. A guest list is a love letter.
curated by Tabloid Press, Blake & Vargas, Berlin, Germany. 

2017 :

. How Far To Open Up ?
curated by Cathrin Mayer and Florentine Muhry, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria.
. Broken Dimanche Press.
curated by John Holten, Tropez, Berlin, Germany.

2016 :

. Rebel Rebel.
curated by Laura Morsch-Kihn, FRAC PACA, Marseille, Fance.

Group shows :

2018 : Fest Stage II
La Placette - Lausanne, Switzerland.

2018 : Sit Show
OT Projectraüm - Berlin, Germany.

2017 : Fluctuat
Gallery Une,Une,Une - Perpignan, France.

2017 : Times New Romantic
Gallery M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin, Germany.
2017 : Underneath the seat
Ying Colosseum intervention, Körner Park, Berlin, Germany.
2017 : Spitzweg’s Stay
Ying Colosseum intervention, Simitdchi, Berlin, Germany.

Publications :

2017 : Parallax Poetry
Collaboration with Claude Eigan - Self Published.

2017 : Honest Surfaces
Published by Alien Mouth ( online poetry journal)

2017 : How Far To Open up ?
Poem published in exposition catalog.

2016 : Undefined but stackable
Poem published by Metatron Press.

2016 : Loose it all
Poem published by Transmute Publishing.

2016 : Kiosk Magazine n.90
Collaboration with Claude Eigan, published by Kiosk éditions.

2016 : Evolving in shades of cola.
Collaboration with Claude Eigan, self published.

2015 : 75g /m2
Published by Edition 10 for 100.

2015 : But you can’t surf crowd on the Internet
Published by Nichons Nous dans l’Internet n.04


Education :

2007 - 2010  :
Ecole supérieure de réalisation audiovisuelle (ESRA) Paris, France.

2010  : Graduated
Master Post-Production and VFX (ESRA) , Paris, France.
2016  : Poetry Masterclass
with CAConrad, Berlin, Germany.

Alizée ~River~ Lenox.
Born 1989 in Le Chesnay, France .
Lives and work in Berlin, Germany.

Alizée Lenox’s artistic focus predominantly revolves around employing prepared guitars and extended techniques to craft poetic explorations of the instrument.

Their compositions are rooted in a minimalist sonic language, characterized by overlapping textures leading to vaporous and luminous soundscapes, often interwoven with elements of pop culture and humor.
Their approach reveals itself to be more autofictional and everyday, also employing personal archives such as voice messages or poems from close relationships and people who inspire them. During live performances or on-site recordings, they conduct research on the vibrations and tones of the walls, windows, and the space that hosts them.

As a gleaner of sounds, they use their field recorder as a carrier bag to craft narratives that delve into intricate themes such as Limerence, interpersonal dynamics, and the nuanced interplay between presence and absence.
The work thus functions as both a sound representation of the intimate and the structures that surround us.

photo credits: Thundy86

Contact :
︎ : alizee.lenox@gmail.com