Upcoming performances : 

2021 : Theodora or the progress
            Arsenic - Lausanne, Switzerland.
2021 : dandelion menace
            Artemis Fontana - Paris, France.
2021 : SHIKII 
            Tba - Basel, Switzerland.

2020 :

. Requiem for Tegel. 
HVW8 - Berlin, Germany.
. Movements for a painter’s wrist
Hosting - Berlin, Germany.

2019 :

. When we open every windows
curated by GeoVanna Gonzalez, Gr_und, Berlin, Germany.

. Groups
curated by Jule Hillgaertner et Nele Kaczmarek, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany.

. Cloak of Mercy.
curated by Christina Gigliotti, Horse & Pony, Berlin, Germany.

2018 :

. Vedo Non Vedo
curated by Elise Lammer et Martina-Sophie Wildberger, Istituto Svizzero, Rome, Italy.

. A guest list is a love letter.
curated by Tabloid Press, Blake & Vargas, Berlin, Germany. 

2017 :

. How Far To Open Up ?
curated by Cathrin Mayer and Florentine Muhry, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria.
. Broken Dimanche Press
curated by John Holten, Tropez, Berlin, Germany.

2016 :

. Rebel Rebel
curated by Laura Morsch-Kihn, FRAC PACA, Marseille, Fance.

Group shows :

2018 : Fest Stage II
La Placette - Lausanne, Switzerland.

2018 : Sit Show
OT Projectraüm - Berlin, Germany.

2017 : Fluctuat
Gallery Une,Une,Une - Perpignan, France.

2017 : Times New Romantic
Gallery M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin, Germany.
2017 : Underneath the seat
Ying Colosseum intervention, Körner Park, Berlin, Germany.
2017 : Spitzweg’s Stay
Ying Colosseum intervention, Simitdchi, Berlin, Germany.

Publications :

2017 : Parallax Poetry
Collaboration with Claude Eigan - Self Published.

2017 : Honest Surfaces
Published by Alien Mouth ( online poetry journal)

2017 : How Far To Open up ?
Poem published in exposition catalog.

2016 : Undefined but stackable
Poem published by Metatron Press.

2016 : Loose it all
Poem published by Transmute Publishing.

2016 : Kiosk Magazine n.90
Collaboration with Claude Eigan, published by Kiosk éditions.

2016 : Evolving in shades of cola.
Collaboration with Claude Eigan, self published.

2015 : 75g /m2
Published by Edition 10 for 100.

2015 : But you can’t surf crowd on the Internet
Published by Nichons Nous dans l’Internet n.04


Education :

2007 - 2010  :
Ecole supérieure de réalisation audiovisuelle (ESRA) Paris, France.

2010  : Graduated
Master Post-Production and VFX (ESRA) , Paris, France.
2016  : Poetry Masterclass
with CAConrad, Berlin, Germany.

Alizée Lenox.
Born 1989 in Le Chesnay, France .
Lives and work in Berlin, Germany.

                     A poet and musician, Lenox refers to the New York No Wave as well as the minimalist avant-garde  movement as strong influences in her work. Her compositions make great use of repetitions, harmonics and dissonance as a way to create poetic guitar explorations through the noise potential of the instrument. Constantly searching for new sonic possibilities, she develops her own techniques through the use of objects ( drill; plumbing pipes; flowers )  and scupltures made by artists she collaborates with. She keeps trace of these research in her hand drawn catalog Vitrine Sonique.


Contact :
︎ : alizee.lenox@gmail.com